About me:


It all started with one hit. I took a long drag from a glass bowl filled with OG Kush and within minutes I started feeling relief from the severe pain I had experienced on and off since 2012. It was the first time I had felt "normal" in a very long time. It was my first day in Colorado. Our family had just moved from San Antonio, Texas, somehow managing to pack me, my husband, my three girls, two dogs and a cat in a mini van for a long 15 hour drive to Colorado Springs. Knowing Colorado had just legalized marijuana made uprooting relatively easy. At that point, the pain I had been suffering had become almost unmanageable.

I was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis in December of 2012 after suffering with blindness, nerve pain, vertigo, weakness, and balance issues for months. MS is hard, trying to survive on the concoction of pharmaceuticals prescribed to help alleviate all those symptoms proved to be almost impossible. They came with side effects that seemed worse than the disease sometimes, with very little overall relief. I have always been pretty active, and up until my diagnosis I was on a health kick from trying to lose the baby weight from my third baby. Pills weren't working for me at all. They only made my life harder to live. I started eating healthy, working out, losing weight, and practicing healthy stress management techniques. I accomplished a lot with just those changes, but it wasn't until I added cannabis to my daily regimen that I started thriving, not just surviving with MS. I found I could medicate to help relieve debilitating trigeminal and occipital neuralgia pain (due to MS), reduce tremors, crush fatigue, improve sleep, and manage stress. In May of 2016 I started growing my own cannabis. I started with one Sativa and one Indica Hybrid plant. I cloned each and ended up with over a pound and a half of medicine. Marijuana has helped me run two half marathons, three obstacle races, including the incredibly difficult Spartan Race in Breckenridge. Healgirl came about due to my passion for sharing my journey with others. An MS diagnosis is hard, trying to sort through all the bullshit information on how to treat it is even harder, and scary. I have found four simple components can help you live a full and happy life with MS. A healthy diet, exercise, stress management tools, and marijuana. My hope is to be able help those suffering with this awful disease find natural ways of treating it. I'm proof you can thrive, not just survive, with MS.

-Suset Marcantoni AKA Healgirl