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Brief Bio for V Capaldi:


By questioning the status quo V informs the community how to rewrite their narrative on life, healthcare and living. V aka PaleoBOSS Lady® is a TEDx Speaker and world leader who created the ‘Taking it to the Streets’ movement that has her traveling all over the world creating conscious awareness leading by experience sharing her life experience and tools of self-empowerment.


PaleoBOSS Lady has been an advocate for the disabled, homeless and anyone who reaches out to her. This coupled with her website, newsletter, videos, social media, a blog, live radio show and touring, PaleoBOSS Lady has dedicated her life fully to inspire, engage others to up their volume by raising the roof on life and living.


V Capaldi Professional Credits:


Highly accomplished visionary, leader, entrepreneur, teacher and executive with a 35 plus year history of successful startups, creating movements, educating and empowering the community. V is a hand’s down results oriented leader with proven success in startups, building community and non-profit organizations.


V has a Master of Art in Psychology with a focus on community and considers herself a miracle since self-healing from secondary progressive Multiple Sclerosis (MS) in 2012.  Using diet and lifestyle exclusively V has overcome the odds and kicks MS to the curb everyday using tools that are accessible to everyone. V is 100% Italian, from Philadelphia and born under the sign of Taurus earning her the title of a PaleoBOSS Lady®!


V is a TEDx Speaker, founder of the brand PaleoBOSS Lady® and proudly sits on the Board of Directors of The Wahls Foundation® supporting the efforts of Dr. Terry Wahls who has had successful clinical trials healing autoimmune disorders using food based Paleo principles.  V is a contributing editor for Breaking Muscle Magazine & Whole Life Challenge, co-hosts a live radio show called Up Your Volume, offers the community a website, newsletter, blog with a social media reach that engages individuals all over the globe raising the roof on life and living



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